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What performance characteristics determine the quality of the tarpaulin?


Air permeability: The air permeability of tent cloth must be considered, especially for military tent cloth. The shading factors of air permeability include the texture of base cloth, density, material, types of waterproof finishing agents, resin adhesion, etc. With the increase of resin adhesion, the air permeability of canvas decreases. Of course, this is related to the finishing agent used. Generally, tents with air permeability are mostly made of cotton, vinylon and lacquer fabrics finished with paraffin or acrylonitrile resin.

Tensile Strength: Tension should be endured when the tent is in use, such as tension when it is fixed: additional forces such as wind, rain, saving and so on should be exerted during use. Despite these external forces, they are still required to maintain their original shape, not easily deformed, which requires a higher tensile strength of the canvas, and should not have too much difference in longitudinal and latitudinal tensile strength. Especially the tensile strength of large tents for inflatable buildings is very important.

Dimensional stability: As eaves and large tents, it is often used under tension. Fabric elongation should not be too large, and its dimensional stability is determined by the creep properties of materials. Rainproof cloth is widely used for covering goods of vehicles, ships, factories and mining enterprises, field tourism and other purposes. It has the characteristics of anti-sunshine, anti-freezing, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, portable, easy to fold and durable.

Tear strength: tear is the main cause of tarpaulin damage, so tear strength is an important indicator of tarpaulin. The tear strength is related to whether the canvas will break due to the effect of flying objects or expand around after the formation of holes for some reasons to form large structural cracks. So, when the tension is high. Both high tensile strength and high tear strength are required for the canopy cloth.

Water resistance: Water resistance is an important characteristic of tarpaulin. Vinyl chloride tree fat is filled in the gap of fabric structure by dipping finishing to form coating film. If the amount of resin adhering per unit area exceeds one or more of them, water resistance will not be a problem. If the film is thinner and is subjected to bending, rubbing or surface wear (a basic type of parts failure), the film is easy to rupture, which may cause leakage!

Preventing burnability: From the use of safe mountain, the tarpaulin is required to have better flame retardancy. Flame retardancy can be achieved by selecting flame retardant fibers and flame retardant substrates, or by adding flame retardant to the coating agent. There is a direct relationship between the amount of flame retardant and the flame retardant effect.